Supreme 7" Longrange Showcase Build

Supreme Featurelist

  • XT60 Connector Mount TPU
  • Countersunk head screws (provide flat surface for Battery)
  • VTX Antenna Mount from TPU (fits all Unify Pro video transmitters)
  • Mounting screws for new cameras (e.g. Runcam Swift2 and Foxeer Arrow v3; HS1177 and Swift1 also fits)
  • Antenna tubes for RC receiver from TPU
  • Replaceable 4mm arms
  • M3 press-in nuts on the bottom plate for easy arm exchange
  • Amimon Connex ProSight ready (3D parts soon available on Thingiverse)
  • PIDs and other settings for Betaflight, Kiss and Raceflight setups available soon


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